Why did we think this was a good idea?

Why did we think this was a good idea?


Just after we were married here in Devon, we moved to the USA as my husband had a business and commitments which could only be fulfilled in the states.

As I could not work as my green card took years, I started a fundraising group for the local hospice and food pantry.

Still having time to spare my husband purchased a second-hand Viking for me to use.

It was good and many items were made for our home.

Some time later it was my dads 70th Birthday, so I made him a lap quit. ( A picture of it can be seen on the site)

I used a mix of photography so I could include his favourite pictures and embroidery to depict some aspect of his life that have been important to him over his 70 years.  In his case it was Church as he was a Verger in the local village church, St Francis, his wedding anniversary etc.  Using the mixed media I was able to make up the quilt, and we mailed it over to him as we were not permitted to travel due to my visa being at a pivotal stage.

The quilt was a big success and several people have asked about having one made.  Dad some years later had a stroke and the quilt was not only warm for while he was sitting, having his memory affected it was a stimulant on his road to recovery. 

After this we have been asked to make cushions for weddings, Christmas and keepsakes for children.

We are still working on being able to make the designs ourselves so have a few companies we purchase the designs from and combine them to make unique and timeless gifts and keepsakes.

Why now?

During the lock down we were both still able to carry on working, but found the act of creating something very therapeutic, my husband is a trained and highly proficient woodworker, and during coffee we were discussing how covid has changed people’s attitudes towards their homes.

We can make some beautiful items, and soon will be combining the wood, embroidered and photography medias to create something totally unique to individuals who are looking for something that won’t find in mass production.

Our collections will increase over time, and many things are made to order, giving more variation.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact us if you have a special event coming up and would like something different to commemorate it.

Stay safe


Pauline & Rufus

Dad's Quilt (2007)

Dad's Birthday Quilt - 2007