Mariners Embroidered Wall Quilt

Mariners Embroidered Wall Quilt

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This handsome Mariners motif wall quilt has 12 individually embroidered blocks lovingly assembled. Measuring 37 inch (94cm) x 28 Inch (72cm)  all sizes are approximate.

12 Embroidered blocks comprising of

1 – Sea horse

2- Porthole view

3 – Light House and compass

4 – Mermaid Figure head

5 – Full sailed ship on moonlight sail

6 – Globe with anchor

7- Treasure chest with skull

8 – Ships wheel and flag

9 – Mermaid and anchor

10 – Nautical Equipment

11 – Anchor with rope and star

12 Compass, spyglass, and map


The outer edge is printed with various nautical themes Ocean names, sailing ships, compass etc.

The inner dividing sections and back are in a contrasting green print featuring ropes, boats, anchors, wheels sailboats, buoys etc.